HarborWalk Villiage Spells Holiday Fun

The Christmas season begins on November 26 at HarborWalk Village when Santa arrives. Your little ones can enjoy activities and pose for a free photo with the jolly old elf.

Santa’s arrival causes Christmas excitement to build, and you can take part in numerous holiday activities at HarborWalk Village. Catch a ride to events via Destin Water Taxi, which is the easiest way to travel. Forget driving and trying to find a parking space. All you have to do is have fun. You won’t experience any dull moments here because there’s always something exciting happening on the Harbor.

This one-of-a-kind destination, along with all it has to offer, provides a great location for anything you could possibly want. Destin Water Taxi can pick you up at your hotel or condo on the water and take you to HarborWalk Village where you can spend hours and not want to leave. You can shop, dine, listen to music and enjoy looking at the Destin fishing fleet, which is the largest charter fishing fleet in the country. You may even want to book a trip while you’re there.

Young and old alike always enjoy the Destin Harbor Christmas Boat Parade. This year, the parade takes place on Sunday, December 11, starting at 6 p.m. The lighted boats will cruise from the east side of the Harbor near Boschamps to the west side, ending near the Destin Bridge. HarborWalk Village restaurants are great viewing locations, along with the marina, the Destin Bridge and Norriego Point. Fireworks follow the parade at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Holiday activities are scheduled throughout the month at HarborWalk Village, so keep your eyes and ears open for the many events. You don’t want to miss a single one.

Everything you need to make lasting holiday memories is right here. When you’ve shopped, eaten, and indulged in a few adult beverages, don’t worry about driving. The Destin Water Taxi will be waiting for you.

Avoid Holiday Traffic by Boat

The beach is a popular place to be, especially during the holiday season. A multitude of people will be visiting, just like you. If the traffic gets too bad and you want to avoid traffic jams, park the car and be done. Call Destin Water Taxi to take you anywhere on the water you’d like to go. You name the place – condos, restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping. If it’s on the water, you can get there easily and quickly with no traffic jams.

Our winter is predicted to be warm again, so you may want to go to Crab Island, which is widely known and popular year-round. If you haven’t been, you know you have to go.

The taxi is quick and easy with an experienced boater as your chauffeur. This is great if you want to have a drink or two and don’t want to worry about driving. If you don’t know where to go, just ask because your taxi captain knows all the popular stops.

Although our winter is supposed to be warm, we sometimes get surprised. Be prepared with a jacket for one of those rare cool days, especially if you stay out for one of the area’s spectacular sunsets.

Don’t forget. Call Destin Water Taxi and leave the driving to us.


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Beat Destin Traffic

The thought of taking a vacation after a stressful and hectic year is incredibly attractive. The thrill of exploring new scenery is especially alluring when accompanied by the enjoyment and relaxation that is common with any vacation. Ideally, there shouldn’t be much to worry about while vacationing. The stress and fatigue that have been accumulating throughout the year deserve to be adjourned – even if just for a few days.

The idea of having no worries or obligations is the main motivation for planning a vacation. However, there are several other facets that can leave even the most reserved individual eager for their vacation to begin. The numerous positives to fantasize about are enticing, but there are also aspects to a vacation that can be thought of unenthusiastically. The impending traffic and parking mayhem are two of the biggest and our mission at Destin Water Taxi is to alleviate, or eliminate, them.

Waiting in traffic, or for a parking space, can be achingly time consuming and it shouldn’t be endured if it can be avoided. Luckily, here at Destin Water Taxi we have the solution! Our watercrafts can happily transport our customers to any of the exciting restaurants, bars, and attractions along the beautiful Destin Harbor! Our boats can accommodate up to 16 passengers and our captains do their very best to provide a safe, fun, and carefree trip.

For information regarding our fares or reservations please visit our website or contact us through telephone. Additional information and testimonials can also be found on our website. We look forward to helping you bypass the bustling Destin traffic and enjoying your vacation to its absolute limit!

Contact us today, and come aboard!

Pick Up and Stops for Convenience

There are few experiences more relaxing than a summer getaway to Destin, Florida. The warm and salty air, easygoing atmosphere, and seemingly unlimited varieties of entertainment help create an exciting and memorable adventure for all ages.

The city of Destin, Florida has a great deal to offer, and at this point, it is mostly common knowledge. There are individuals, families, and friend groups from all backgrounds that visit this beautiful city for its embodiment of leisure. This dazzling city along the Emerald Coast has increased in popularity almost annually, and for good reason. However, this increased popularity can occasionally be attributed to one of Destin’s less than desirable qualities – traffic!

The bumper-to-bumper traffic during the summer months in Destin, Florida can be grueling due to the city having an array of entertainment and relaxation all along the shoreline. This unfortunately means that each individual, family, or friend group won’t end up in the same vicinity. This can lead to unwanted time spent in traffic and less time spent at a desired destination. Destin Water Taxi understands that the seasonal traffic can cause concerns and we are here to help!

Destin Water Taxi has been serving Destin, Florida since 2011 and we take pride in helping facilitate an unworried experience for our passengers. Our goal is to help our customers bypass the traffic to some of Destin’s most popular locations. Our crafts operate along the very popular Destin Harbor and can accommodate pickups and drop offs to any of its countless restaurants, bars, or boutiques. Additionally, our crafts are eligible to pick up or drop off at any harborside residence, condo, or hotel. Destin Water Taxi does not operate in the Gulf and will not assist with rides to Crab Island.

For information regarding fares, party size, or reservations please visit our website or contact us by telephone or email. Sit back and relax without having to worry about driving, parking, or traffic and let us get you to your destination!

Avoid Traffic & Enjoy Destin’s Attractions via Water Taxi

Visiting the beautiful Emerald Coast is an exciting and memorable experience. The sugar-white sands, crystal clear water, and countless attractions enchant visitors from every corner of the world.

We love our visitors here on the Emerald Coast. However, we understand that the influx of tourists during the busy season can dampen the mood of even the most enlivened vacationer. Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic, and during the summer months the roads can certainly get hectic. Destin Water Taxi is prepared to go above and beyond in getting you to your destination in a safe and timely manner while eluding the summer traffic!

Our intention here at Destin Water Taxi is to provide our customers with a comfortable, convenient, and safe experience. We spare no effort in accommodating our customers to the most advantageous pick up and drop off locations. Our water taxis typically board, and off-load, to any waterfront residence, condo, or hotel along the stunning Destin harbor. However, our water taxis also offer their transportation to any of the popular restaurants or bars along the harbor as well.

Our water taxis can comfortably sit up to 16 passengers, and our captains do their absolute best to oblige their passengers’ needs. The duration of a trip is typically between 5 and 25 minutes dependent on your location and destination. Fares are contingent on the number of passengers and whether the trip is one way or round – as opposed to distance. We also offer season passes and firework trips. Pricing can be found in the ‘Fares’ tab on our website. Additionally, testimonials from our treasured customers can be found on our website as well.

Don’t let traffic jam up your plans. Contact Destin Water Taxi for a pick up, reservation, or private charter. Sit back and relax as you enjoy the warm breeze, and a cold beverage, while you bypass the frenzy on the roads!

Leave the Driving to Us

The most convenient way to travel around the Destin, Fort Walton Beach destinations on the water is by Destin Water Taxi. It’s the most fun way to get from Holiday Isle to Crab Island, Norriego Point, HarborWalk Village and all the hot spots.

You can stop at all the restaurants and bars along the harbor, see the harbor lights, and skip the traffic you’d encounter by car or limo.

Your safety is our number one priority, so don’t worry when you ride in style in one of our blue and yellow taxis. Our taxi drivers are professional certified master captains.

We can pick you up at your waterfront home, condo or hotel and take you wherever you want to go. For just $10, you can ride all day and into the wee hours with unlimited stops.

We’re ready to go when you are, so give us a call.

Stops and Pick Up Points

The city of Destin, Florida is an alluring area located along Florida’s emerald coast. The weather is tropical, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the entire country. Additionally, there are seemingly endless activities and entertainment for the whole family!

Destin, Florida’s positive attributes are well known, and that is the reason for the thriving tourism and vacationing. There are individuals, and families, from all walks of life that choose to visit this magnificent city year in and year out. The tremendous amount of people that choose to visit or vacation here produces an exciting and fun atmosphere. However, it also creates traffic – and plenty of it!

Here at Destin Water Taxi we aim to get you safely to your destination while bypassing the traffic blockage and gridlocks! Our goal is convenience so we have numerous pick up and drop off locations to make our customer’s experience streamlined and worry-free.

Destin Water Taxi offers pick up and drop off locations at any waterfront residence, condo, or hotel situated on the harbor. Additionally, we offer pick up and drop off at numerous restaurants and bars located on the harbor including AJs, Boshamps, and Tailfins, among many others.

Avoid unwanted traffic and the chore of finding parking by letting us pick you up! We offer one-way trips and round trips. The pricing for our rides can be found on our homepage, and under the “FAQ” or “Fares” tabs, respectively. We do not operate on Crab Island or into the Gulf.

Call Destin Water Taxi the next time sitting in traffic isn’t a part of your plans!

Exploring HarborWalk Village

Take Destin Water Taxi to HarborWalk Village and you’ll be set for several hours with all there is to see and do. When your evening has wrapped up, take the Water Taxi to your next destination.

HarborWalk Village offers an exciting venue on Destin Harbor with restaurants, shopping, magic shows, live music and a zipline. The entire venue has a beautiful view of the Harbor, spectacular sunsets included.
This one-of-a-kind destination boasts retail and boutique options, along with accessories to suit any taste. If shopping isn’t for you, you know eating is. Restaurants within the HarborWalk Village area offer the best fresh off the boat locally caught seafood. And don’t forget music. Many restaurants offer music from local bands that have great reputations. One to check out is AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, as well as others nearby.

How your time at HarborWalk Village is up to you. Everything you need to make memories is right here. When you’ve shopped, eaten, and indulged in a few adult beverages, don’t worry about driving. The Destin Water Taxi will be waiting for you.

All the Best Stops

All the hot spots in Destin that you want to visit are ready for you via the Destin Water Taxi. You can go to your favorite restaurant, and then you can go to your favorite bar or club. No need to worry about moving your car from spot to spot. Park once and be done.

If you arrive in your car, since it’s off season, most parking lots will be free of charge or reduced prices. If you’re at a condo, ask for the Water Taxi there and don’t worry about a car. You can hop from condo to restaurants to clubs and back to the condo, quickly and easily.

With Destin Water Taxi, you’ll ride in style wherever you want to go. Just leave the driving to an experienced boater. If you don’t know where to go, simply ask because he knows the best places to stop and dine, dance or sip.

The weather is perfect to be on the water in the evening. You may even catch a sunset as you set out to your destination. Call Destin Water Taxi and let your night begin on the Destin Harbor. November hours are 3pm-11pm.

Take the Taxi… the Destin Water Taxi

You don’t want to be on land, maneuvering through traffic or taking a taxi from restaurant to a club to another club and so on through the night. You’ll spend all your time looking for a parking spot or trying to decide where to tell the taxi driver where to take you. Let Destin Water Taxi take you around in style to participate in all the nightlife the Destin Harbor area has to offer. Dining, adult beverages, and dancing – the brightly lit Harbor has plenty of stops you’ll want to visit.

And you don’t have to worry if you’ve had a couple of drinks. What better way to get around than by water taxi? Leave the driving to an experienced boater who knows the next best place to stop.

You’ll have fun all night with nary a worry when you leave the driving to Destin Water Taxi. Call us today!