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Avoid Holiday Traffic by Boat

The beach is a popular place to be, especially during the holiday season. A multitude of people will be visiting, just like you. If the traffic gets too bad and you want to avoid traffic jams, park the car and be done. Call Destin Water Taxi to take you anywhere on the water you’d like to go. You name the place – condos, restaurants, entertainment venues, shopping. If it’s on the water, you can get there easily and quickly with no traffic jams.

Our winter is predicted to be warm again, so you may want to go to Crab Island, which is widely known and popular year-round. If you haven’t been, you know you have to go.

The taxi is quick and easy with an experienced boater as your chauffeur. This is great if you want to have a drink or two and don’t want to worry about driving. If you don’t know where to go, just ask because your taxi captain knows all the popular stops.

Although our winter is supposed to be warm, we sometimes get surprised. Be prepared with a jacket for one of those rare cool days, especially if you stay out for one of the area’s spectacular sunsets.

Don’t forget. Call Destin Water Taxi and leave the driving to us.


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