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There are few experiences more relaxing than a summer getaway to Destin, Florida. The warm and salty air, easygoing atmosphere, and seemingly unlimited varieties of entertainment help create an exciting and memorable adventure for all ages.

The city of Destin, Florida has a great deal to offer, and at this point, it is mostly common knowledge. There are individuals, families, and friend groups from all backgrounds that visit this beautiful city for its embodiment of leisure. This dazzling city along the Emerald Coast has increased in popularity almost annually, and for good reason. However, this increased popularity can occasionally be attributed to one of Destin’s less than desirable qualities – traffic!

The bumper-to-bumper traffic during the summer months in Destin, Florida can be grueling due to the city having an array of entertainment and relaxation all along the shoreline. This unfortunately means that each individual, family, or friend group won’t end up in the same vicinity. This can lead to unwanted time spent in traffic and less time spent at a desired destination. Destin Water Taxi understands that the seasonal traffic can cause concerns and we are here to help!

Destin Water Taxi has been serving Destin, Florida since 2011 and we take pride in helping facilitate an unworried experience for our passengers. Our goal is to help our customers bypass the traffic to some of Destin’s most popular locations. Our crafts operate along the very popular Destin Harbor and can accommodate pickups and drop offs to any of its countless restaurants, bars, or boutiques. Additionally, our crafts are eligible to pick up or drop off at any harborside residence, condo, or hotel. Destin Water Taxi does not operate in the Gulf and will not assist with rides to Crab Island.

For information regarding fares, party size, or reservations please visit our website or contact us by telephone or email. Sit back and relax without having to worry about driving, parking, or traffic and let us get you to your destination!

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