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The city of Destin, Florida is an alluring area located along Florida’s emerald coast. The weather is tropical, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the entire country. Additionally, there are seemingly endless activities and entertainment for the whole family!

Destin, Florida’s positive attributes are well known, and that is the reason for the thriving tourism and vacationing. There are individuals, and families, from all walks of life that choose to visit this magnificent city year in and year out. The tremendous amount of people that choose to visit or vacation here produces an exciting and fun atmosphere. However, it also creates traffic – and plenty of it!

Here at Destin Water Taxi we aim to get you safely to your destination while bypassing the traffic blockage and gridlocks! Our goal is convenience so we have numerous pick up and drop off locations to make our customer’s experience streamlined and worry-free.

Destin Water Taxi offers pick up and drop off locations at any waterfront residence, condo, or hotel situated on the harbor. Additionally, we offer pick up and drop off at numerous restaurants and bars located on the harbor including AJs, Boshamps, and Tailfins, among many others.

Avoid unwanted traffic and the chore of finding parking by letting us pick you up! We offer one-way trips and round trips. The pricing for our rides can be found on our homepage, and under the “FAQ” or “Fares” tabs, respectively. We do not operate on Crab Island or into the Gulf.

Call Destin Water Taxi the next time sitting in traffic isn’t a part of your plans!

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