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Exploring HarborWalk Village

Take Destin Water Taxi to HarborWalk Village and you’ll be set for several hours with all there is to see and do. When your evening has wrapped up, take the Water Taxi to your next destination.

HarborWalk Village offers an exciting venue on Destin Harbor with restaurants, shopping, magic shows, live music and a zipline. The entire venue has a beautiful view of the Harbor, spectacular sunsets included.
This one-of-a-kind destination boasts retail and boutique options, along with accessories to suit any taste. If shopping isn’t for you, you know eating is. Restaurants within the HarborWalk Village area offer the best fresh off the boat locally caught seafood. And don’t forget music. Many restaurants offer music from local bands that have great reputations. One to check out is AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, as well as others nearby.

How your time at HarborWalk Village is up to you. Everything you need to make memories is right here. When you’ve shopped, eaten, and indulged in a few adult beverages, don’t worry about driving. The Destin Water Taxi will be waiting for you.

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