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All the Best Stops

All the hot spots in Destin that you want to visit are ready for you via the Destin Water Taxi. You can go to your favorite restaurant, and then you can go to your favorite bar or club. No need to worry about moving your car from spot to spot. Park once and be done.

If you arrive in your car, since it’s off season, most parking lots will be free of charge or reduced prices. If you’re at a condo, ask for the Water Taxi there and don’t worry about a car. You can hop from condo to restaurants to clubs and back to the condo, quickly and easily.

With Destin Water Taxi, you’ll ride in style wherever you want to go. Just leave the driving to an experienced boater. If you don’t know where to go, simply ask because he knows the best places to stop and dine, dance or sip.

The weather is perfect to be on the water in the evening. You may even catch a sunset as you set out to your destination. Call Destin Water Taxi and let your night begin on the Destin Harbor. November hours are 3pm-11pm.

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