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Take the Taxi… the Destin Water Taxi

You don’t want to be on land, maneuvering through traffic or taking a taxi from restaurant to a club to another club and so on through the night. You’ll spend all your time looking for a parking spot or trying to decide where to tell the taxi driver where to take you. Let Destin Water Taxi take you around in style to participate in all the nightlife the Destin Harbor area has to offer. Dining, adult beverages, and dancing – the brightly lit Harbor has plenty of stops you’ll want to visit.

And you don’t have to worry if you’ve had a couple of drinks. What better way to get around than by water taxi? Leave the driving to an experienced boater who knows the next best place to stop.

You’ll have fun all night with nary a worry when you leave the driving to Destin Water Taxi. Call us today!

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