Crystal Newborn

Destin Water Taxi
Captain Crystal Newborn


USCG Master Merchant Marine


Although Captain Crystals passion for boats and the water started in her early years on the lakes and rivers of Illinois, she has lived on the water in beautiful Destin with her husband Matthew since 2010 and navigating the waters of Destin’s famous harbor since.

Crystal was born in southern Illinois where she spent her childhood and teen years on the lakes and rivers with her family boating, swimming and fishing. Most weekends you could find them living on her grandfather’s house boat. “My love for the water came after my father threw me into the Mississippi River as a toddler and told me to figure it out” says Crystal. She has been captivated by all bodies of water ever since; boating, swimming, skiing, wave runners, paddleboards, canoes, kayaks… you name it she’s on it!

At the age of 21 Mrs. Newborn moved to Atlanta Ga. where she and her beautiful daughter lived for 19 years. Crystal’s lifelong dream has always been to live on an island or beach, so when her daughter Crystalwent off to college she did just that. “I have traveled all over Mexico and the Caribbean and there is no place more beautiful than right here in Destin”

Desiring a career change after being a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist for 16 years Crystal jumped ship and boarded a partnership with Jimmy and the Destin Water Taxi. Crystal loves meeting new people and sharing what she feels is one of the most special places on earth.